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Printing Guide

Understanding Printing Techniques


Printing Method


How it works

What it looks like

Offset (Flat)

Most Economical



Image is printed flat on the paper

Looks much like what you print on your home inkjet printer




Most Popular

Ink is mixed with a powder and then heated to produce a raised image

Raised Printing


No indentation on the back or font of the paper




Losing Popularity over the past few years

The text of your invitation is raised from the paper by pressing the paper against a copper plate

Raised printing

(Traditional Method)


You can see the indentations from the plate on the back of the invitation




Gaining popularity over the past few years


The Text of your image is pressed into the paper using a plate

Text is embedded/Indented into the paper


Looks like the reverse of engraving.


Fonts and ink colors

The font type and colors that you use can drastically change the appearance of your invitation. Consider using more than one color or 2 different fonts for a dramatic effect. Ask your stationer to show you examples of different combinations.

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