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Do you have Tiffany Blue Wedding Invitations?

The closest match to Tiffany Blue is the color Lagoon from the Stardream Metallics Color Line. Any of our invitations can be made in this color.

Do pocket invitations require additional postage?

 Only if you exceed the 1 ounce post office limit for a letter stamp. Pocket invitations can become heavy if you have a lot of inserts so ask your stationer to weigh them for you for an estimate of whether you will go over 1 ounce or not. Remember to always have your invitations weighed at the post office before you buy your postage and stamp your invitations. If you incorrectly stamp them they will either come back to you or be held at the recipient’s post office until they come and pay the unpaid postage.

I ran out of invitations. Can I order additional Invitations after I have received my order?

Yes, you can order more invitations but there is a reprinting fee if you are ordering less than 25 additional invitations. The fees are as follows for flat printed invitations:



Shower Invitations


Wedding & Bar/Bat Mitzvah Invitations


Corporate Invitations


Envelopes only


Thank you cards


Place cards



For invitations printed with thermography or letterpress techniques please contact for pricing information.

Why do you charge a fee for re-printing invitations?

The reason we have to charge a fee for re-printing invitations is because of the time and effort it takes to process your order. There is a lot of overhead that goes into creating your invitations such as cutting your card stock and envelope liners, setting up print jobs, test printing, assembling the invitations, packaging the invitations and getting them shipped out to you. Most of the overhead involved in making your invitations is the same whether we make one invitation or a few hundred. The best way to minimize your costs is to order the correct amount of invitations and envelopes the 1st time around. We recommend you order 5% more invitations than you need and 10% more envelopes than you need. The extra envelopes will come in handy when you are addressing your envelopes and make mistakes.

Note: We do not require that you order your invitations in multiples of 25 so 10% is actually 10%.


Do I have to address my own envelopes?

We offer guest list printing service if you would prefer not to hand address your envelopes. We will provide you with a Microsoft excel spread sheet to enter your guest list information into and we will print your envelopes from that.

Traditional etiquette says that you should hand address your envelopes or have a calligrapher address them for you but many modern brides are opting to have their guests addresses printed on their envelopes. You can use one or more colors and fonts that match your invitations for a perfectly coordinated ensemble.

When should I send out my invitations?

You should send out your invitations 6 – 8 weeks before the wedding. If you have a lot of out of town guests opt closer to 8 weeks to give your guests enough time to plan their trip and to get the best travel rates.

Do I need order from every category on the DIY Kit page?
No, our standard kits come with all the materials you need to make your invitations and response cards including envelopes. The kits do not come with adhesive however so if you'd like to purchase adhesive to use to assemble your invitations you can purchase it at the bottom of the page under the "optional extras below heading. Other extras are also offered on the order page such as supplies to line your envelopes, reception cards, map cards, belly bands, etc.

What is an envelope Liner?
 Envelope liners are paper that has been cut to fit on the inside of your envelope to add more color or a pattern to the inside of your envelopes. Liners do require assembly. They must be glued into your envelopes. Instructions are included when you purchase envelope liners.

What is a 4-bar Card & a 4-bar envelope
A 4-bar card is a flat card that fits inside a 4-bar envelope. A 4-bar card is 3 1/2" x 4 7/8". This is the standard size for most reception and response cards. A4-bar envelope measures 3 5/8" x 5 1/8". Liners are also available for 4 -bar envelopes.

What is an A2 Card and an A2 envelope?

An A2 card is a flat card that fits inside an A2 envelope. An A2 card is 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" (a quarter of a page). This size card is typically used when the response card or reception card need to fit a lot of information. They are also commonly used for map/directions or information cards. An A2 envelope measures 4 3/8" x 5 3/4". Liners are also available for A2 envelopes.

Do you carry any other patterned envelope liners?

Yes, other patterns are available for envelope liners and we can custom make envelope liners if you have a paper or pattern that you would like to use. Please email or call us for pricing and ordering information.
Do you carry square flap envelopes and square flap envelope liners?
Yes! We do carry square flap envelopes and square flap envelope liners. If you'd like to order a kit with square flap envelopes instead of euro flap envelopes please email or call us. They cannot be ordered online at this time but we can take your order over the phone or via email.

What is a belly band?
A belly band is a strip of paper that wraps around your invitation. You place your invitation enclosures such as your reception and response card and envelope under the band to hold everything in place. Belly bands are available in solid and patterned papers.

What is an adhesive kit:
An adhesive kit includes all of the adhesive that you need to assemble your invitation kit. If you are ordering additional invitations or pieces for you invitations like reception cards you should also order refills for you adhesive kit. This will ensure that you have enough adhesive to complete your project. Recommendations for the amount of adhesive to purchase are listed on the order page.

We don’t include adhesive in our packages because lots of our customers already have their favorite paper crafting adhesives at home and we don’t want you to have to pay for something you already have. If you don’t already have a favorite, we recommend using the Xyron Tape runner to assemble our invitations. We’ve found this tape runner to be the easiest to use.

What is an adhesive Refill?
Adhesive refills are refill cartridges for the Xyron adhesive runner included with your adhesive kit. If you are ordering additional invitations or pieces for you invitations like reception cards you should also order refills for you adhesive kit. This will ensure that you have enough adhesive to complete your project. Recommendations for the amount of adhesive to purchase are listed on the order page.

Can I use my own adhesive to assemble my kit?
Certainly! You can use your own adhesive to assemble our kits. We do however recommend that you try assembling one invitation as a test to make sure that your adhesive will work. We don't recommend using any spray adhesives or liquid adhesives with our products since they tend to warp cover stock papers. We prefer double sided tape products for assembling our invitations.

Do your kits come with print templates?
All of our kits come with print templates and instructions however we cannot guarantee that all printers will print the best quality invitations. We recommend that you order a sample kit if you are unsure about printing on your printer. If you find that your printer doesn't print to your standards, we can print your invitations for you for an additional fee. You will still assemble your invitations but the printing will be taken care of for you. We can print your invitations using flat print, thermography (raised print) or letterpress printing processes. For more information on this option please contact us via email or phone since you currently cannot order printing online.

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