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How many Wedding Invitations should I order?

Ordering Enough Invitations 

Please make sure you order enough invitations!!!!!

 It is much less expensive to order 25 extra invitations with your original order than it is to have to order an extra 5 or 10 invitations after they have already been printed.

 All of our invitations are professionally printed and regardless of whether a printer is printing 5 or 100 invitations there is overhead involved, so if you need to reprint only a few invitations it will cost you pretty close to what it cost you to print your original order.


It also takes time for the printer to get your invitations printed, finished and sent to us. Typically if you haven’t ordered enough invitations you are going to be in a rush to get the last few invitations out. This situation usually incurs rush charges from the printer which can also add to that total.

 Why does it cost so much to reprint invitations?

Each time we send the printer an order they have to set up the job on the press, print the items, cut them, finish them and ship them to us. That’s a lot of work for only a few invitations so the printer will charge us for the time they spend doing all of the set up work to get your order printed even though they are only printing a few items.

We then have to do any other finishing work involved like adding a backing layer or adhering them to a pocket, assembling ribbons, etc. Then we count and package them for delivery to you. 

We always recommend that order at least 10% extra invitations and 15% extra envelopes if you are addressing them yourself. If you are having a calligrapher address your envelopes, ask them how many extras they'd like for errors. If we are printing your guest list on your envelopes for you, you will only be charged for the amount of envelopes we've printed.

If you need help determining how many invitations to order please contact us at: customer_service@artzyfartzyinvites.com or 716.553.8119

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